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Process Groups

The PMBOK Guide contains 49 processes for managing projects. The processes are grouped in two different ways, by process group and by knowledge area.

A process group is a logical grouping of processes. The five process groups make up what can be considered the overarching project management process.

If a project has only one phase, then the five process groups closely match the project life cycle. However, if the project is divided into phases then the project management process is repeated for each phase of the project life cycle.

Process Groups

The Five Project Management Process Groups

The diagram illustrates the overall project management process and the main relationships between each process group.

There are more complicated diagrams of this project management process and the project management process groups in the PMBOK Guide and in other literature. This version shows the main relationships among the process groups.

Browse the five project management process groups to read what happens in each group, and view their related processes.

The Five Process Groups

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