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Ace the PMP Exam

Author, Instructional Designer and Project Manager, Jack Risos, brings you the premier guide to the Project Management Professional Exam

Ace the PMP Exam

'Everything you need for the exam is here' Elizabeth Harrin, A Girls Guide to Project Management

What the exam is and what it tests

The PMP exam is a set of 200 multiple-choice questions, each with four choices. Four hours are allotted to complete the exam. The exam is generally taken online at an accredited examination provider; however, it can be taken as a paper-based exam if there is no online provider available.
- What the exam tests
- The PMP exam is based mainly on the contents of the PMBOK Guide, but not solely, and includes material from the wider Project Management Body of Knowledge not in the PMBOK Guide. Before we go further with what the exam IS, let's go over what it IS NOT. You may already know that the PMBOK Guide contains 49 processes, and that each of these has inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs. Version 6 of the PMBOK Guide has over 1400 of these, often accompanied by the text “include but are not limited to”. Consider this question: do you think that memorizing every one of these inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs would make you a good project manager? Do we really need a world full of people calling themselves project managers who can recite an enormous laundry list of inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs, but don't really know how to apply them? Neither does PMI.
- The exam tests demonstrated knowledge and skill in leading and directing project teams and in delivering project results within the constraints of schedule, budget, and resources, or at least attempts to do so within the constraints of its multiple-choice format. Instead of requiring you to memorize inputs, outputs, and tools and techniques, it requires you to have a sound understanding of Project Management concepts, and of the Project Management processes: what they are used for and how they are applied. This needs to be your focus when studying for the exam.
- More important information on the PMP exam. 

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