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Ace the PMP Exam

Author, Instructional Designer and Project Manager, Jack Risos, brings you the premier guide to the Project Management Professional Exam

Ace the PMP Exam

'Everything you need for the exam is here' Elizabeth Harrin, A Girls Guide to Project Management

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All the concepts and themes, the 49 processes, what they are used for and when they are performed, plus a special focus on the Critical Path Method, the Earned Value Technique, Motivation Theories and Quality Management Concepts, it's the fastest way to master the Project Management Professional Exam.

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What's inside

Ace the PMP Exam is more than a book. It completely covers all the content you need for the PMP Exam, including the Project Management Framework and each of the five process groups: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing.

Based on Instructional Design Principles, with rich, interactive media and presentations, pre-configured study cards, and over 300 interactive questions, Ace the PMP Exam will help you master, and remember, the information you need. 


The Project Management Framework

- The role, responsibilities, skills, and knowledge of a project manager.
- The defining characteristics of projects, their life cycle, and how they fit into organizations.
- An overview of the project management processes.
- Key concepts and themes.


- Initiating a new project or phase, and obtaining authorization to start the project.
- Identifying key stakeholders and high level risks.
- Defining the initial scope and determining the project life cycle.
- Developing the project charter and obtaining the financial resources to start the project.


- Planning every aspect of the project, creating all the management plans and other documents necessary to do the work.
- Integrating all the individual management plans into the project management plan
and obtaining sign-off.



- Executing projects—construct buildings and bridges, develop software, launch a satellite—including acquiring, developing, and managing the project team, managing stakeholder engagement, conducting procurements, and managing quality.
- Leading, motivating and communicating.
- Implementing approved changes, actions, and workarounds.

Monitoring and Controlling

- Monitoring progress, providing performance reports, and steering projects back on track in line with the project management plan.
- Controlling changes to the project.
- Controlling quality, risks, and procurements.
- Obtaining formal acceptance of the deliverables.


- Formally closing projects or phases, including closing off any procurements, creating and distributing the final project report and obtaining all the necessary sign-offs.
- Handing over the project to the customers.
- Completing all legal closure requirements.
- Documenting lessons learned and updating historical records.
- Releasing project resources and providing performance feedback.

What people are saying

"The book has interactivity built in through flashcards, questions and answers and interactive presentations. The layout is clean and easy to read, and it’s simple to navigate.

"Everything you need to cover for the exam is in here… "

Elizabeth Harrington, A Girls Guide to Project Management (full review).

"I presented the exam yesterday for the 2nd time and I got an Above Target score. The first time I prepared it with an online $400 course + PMBOK and failed it badly. I studied 4 hours per day for 4 weeks including some weekends. The 2nd time I put the same time but totally changed my strategy, I used what I considered a magic formula: Jack Risos Ace the PMP Exam and Cornelius Fichtner PMP Exam simulators.

"Mr Risos: You aced writing an effective PMP book”

Marcela Galvis

"Absolutely perfect for me... simple but not simplistic, a comprehensive guide to a complex subject without becoming over-complicated like other books in this area."

Confido55, iBooks Store Review

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PMBOK Process Explorer

PMBOK Process Explorer

The PMBOK Process Explorer is a free reference tool of all processes, process groups, knowledge areas, inputs and outputs, tools and techniques, and groups and themes that are listed in the PMBOK Guide Version 6.

Select an item, read the description, and link to all related items. Simple.

It's a great tool if you are PMP certified, or are going for certification, or just want to use as a reference for managing your projects.

Jack Risos

Jack Risos is an Author, a Project Manager and a Business Process Expert. He has delivered software and business transition projects in the banking, insurance, software, and manufacturing industries. He obtained his PMP certification in 2009 and also has qualifications in Instructional Design and Adult Education.

Before project management, consulting and IT he graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Music and Education, played trumpet professionally, and conducted musicals in Australia.

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